Charitable Contributions

Requests for a donation from the FVR-PCA to a charity must be submitted to the President of the region.

The charity must be a recognized, verified, non-profit, non-denominational, charity that benefits the well-being of the local community, or be of interest to the FVR-PCA members or activities, as decided by BOD.

The charity cannot be controversial. It must be a unanimous decision for the BOD to support the charity, and the amount of money that will be donated.

The charity will be required to explain to the BOD their intended use of the FVR-PCA money and acknowledge receipt of it in writing. When possible, a photo should be submitted of the charity accepting the donation.

Recent Charitable Contributions:

Fox Valley Region President Todd Benz, (right), presents a check to the Chicago Region President Chuck LaMantia for the Chicago region’s designated charity, Toys for Tots, as a thank you gift for allowing FVR to hold a picnic at Road America during the Chicago region’s DE/Club Race Labor day weekend.